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I have to confess that I didn’t expect writing a story about me to be quite as challenging as I have found it to be. Yet, here I am, staring at a blank page and still wondering what I should be telling you and what I should be leaving out.

What Are The Rules Of A Bio?

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The end of the race and the start of the tour

I remember the day that Andy Taylor offered me the opportunity to start this project.

I was desperate to make a start on my business, yet resigned to it never happening. …

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How can we celebrate personal achievements?

As I reflect on the past (almost) 100 days and what I have achieved, I wonder about celebration.

I work in IT and something that I have observed over my many years in the industry is that we are great at driving ourselves hard to an outcome, achieving it and…

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What is grit? (The quality, not the gravel)

As I start preparing to wind down this project, I am focusing on topics that will help me in my post 100 Days 100 Ways journey.

What will keep me going towards my goals when I am faced with challenges and don’t have this project to keep me on track?

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What is integrity?

Today, I commented that sometimes it would be nice to lack integrity. It was a moment of frustration and cynicism. As soon as the words were out of my mouth, I regretted them.

Integrity is an important part of who I am being. I want to be known as someone…

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Who and what do I want to be beyond this project?

With my workshop delivered and four more days of this project left, I have been wondering about life beyond Day 100. Throughout this project, I have learnt a lot — some of it is about doing and much of it is about being. …

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Some days, we just don’t feel productive and maybe that’s ok

Some days, the most productive thing we have in us to achieve is akin to analysing the proper way to eat a KitKat and debating whether Clinkers should be sucked or chewed.

Today was that day for me. And yes, we really did cover those topics. (Apparently, I am a…

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What does sadness tell us and how can we use the information that it gives us?

As the days tick by, I find myself on the home stretch for this project. Six more days, and it will be over.

I have a mix of emotions associated with this realisation.

  • I am delighted that I will soon be able to focus on some other commitments.
  • I am…

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What is reflective learning and how can I use it in future workshops?

Reflective learning is a process by which we deliberately take a step back and observe what we have been doing and how we can do things differently in future.

The reason that reflective learning is getting a mention in this article is that I like to include reflective learning practices…

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What next?

On Day 90, I delivered my first paid workshop. When I finished, I was on a huge high. I may have even had a glass or four of champagne.

And ever since then, I have been wondering:

What next?

I know that I want to deliver more workshops — it…

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