You are doing an amazing job and I can relate very much to some of what you said.

An offer of a thought - I wonder whether your perception of value has changed through the course of this project and whether it might be useful to reflect on what you now see as value in this project? One thought that occurred to me is that perhaps the purpose of the final 30 days is different to the purpose of the first 70 days, and the perceived value relates to a new purpose? I don't know - I offer the thought because one interpretation of boredom is that it is there to move us away from things of little perceived value. I wondered whether the boredom would shift if the perception of value was able to shift. (It's kind of like that time that I tried to knit booties for a friend's baby - I only knitted single booties because, for me, the value was in learning something new. Once I had knitted one bootie, I was bored with knitting the second one because knitting that pattern was no longer new to me! So, yeah, no pairs of booties for my friend's baby!)

You've got this. You are nearly there.

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